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  • MEF IB Diploma Program students represented Turkey at the Model European Parliament's 37th International Session, an event that brought together young people from the EU and candidate countries in Madrid, Spain on November 17-24, 2012.
  • Creator of "firsts" in cargo technologies, Yurtiçi Kargo had introduced an iPhone application at the beginning of 2010 and has now begun to offer complete cargo services on android systems as well and via its mobile webpage.
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  • Arıkanlı Holding has achieved significant success in the areas of education, transport, publishing and the media, tourism and health, energy, industry and construction, organic agriculture, and insurance, standing today at the focal point of a chain of investments that spans 29 enterprises.
    The foundation of the Arıkanlı Holding Company dates back to the establishment of the MEF Private Teaching Institutions in 1972.  The actual establishment of Arıkanlı Holding A.Ş. took place in 1996 when all the affiliate companies were joined together under one roof with the objectives of "determining strategies, achieving control and coordination, and ensuring development and direction.
    Recognized for its many "firsts" in Turkey, Arıkanlı Holding continues to contribute to various areas of the Turkish economy with the range of enterprises working under its direction.



  • rightEn.pngBreaking ground with many social projects that have added value to Turkey's social and economic development, Arıkanlı Holding, acting in the awareness of its responsibility to the community, continues without interruption to invest in social responsibility projects.
    Arıkanlı Holding brings to life a variety of social projects, all intended to contribute to the country's development. Working together in collaboration with nongovernmental organizations to create socially beneficial projects and initiatives, Arıkanlı Holding's goal in the projects it supports is to raise social awareness.