MEF Students Represent Turkey at the Model European Parliament

The opening session took place in the Spanish Senate building with the participation of the Minister for Europe, the Minister of Education, the Spanish EU Commission President and other representatives of the host country. For three consecutive days, the students discussed within their own committees, issues such as the impact of the instability of the Euro on EU decision-making, Immigration and Slavery, the World Trade Organization and EU relations. On the last two days, ten solution recommendations were discussed at the General Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies and the work carried out over the week was assessed.


The MEF students also attended luncheon reception meetings held separately with the Spanish Minister of Education, Minister of Culture and Sports, and the Mayor of Madrid. The solution recommendations of the students of the Turkish delegation were passed in their respective committees, to be sent to the European Parliament to be discussed in Brussels and Strasbourg.


The Model European Parliament seeks to promote high awareness in young people of the EU and its candidate countries in an effort to create individuals who are sensitive to the issues of the European Union, providing these young people with a platform where they have the opportunity to suggest solutions for ongoing issues. In the model parliament at which the MEF Schools represented Turkey, IB Diploma Program students Karlina Kavurmacı took part in the Labor and Social Affairs Committee, Madihah Mujeeb in the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, Selin Kazbay in the International Trade Committee, Selin Öztemizer in the Civil Rights, Justice and Interior Affairs Committee, and Oğuzhan Akgün in the Constitution Committee.