MEF University
Mef Üniversitesi


MEF Educational Institutions is a pioneer of quality education in Turkey and has graduated more than 200,000 students with leadership qualities since 1972. In 2008, to support its primary objective to consolidate its mission in the field of education with a university that will create a difference, MEF Educational Institutions founded the İbrahim Arıkan Education and Scientific Research Support Foundation.

In 2012, MEF University was established by the Foundation to carry on the success of MEF Education Institutions in making a difference with their 47 years of accumulation of knowledge and experience, at the higher education level.

Since opening, MEF University has garnered interest, both at home and abroad, through its innovative New University Model that incorporates Flipped, Adaptive, Digital and Active Learning.

MEF Üniversitesi

Through its innovative model, MEF University is now educating 3200 students in a manner that prioritizes innovative thinking and creativity, and creates added value on global and local terms in all its academic programs. These are hosted at a number of faculties: Education, Law; Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences; Engineering; and Arts, Design and Architecture; and Graduate School of Science and Engineering and Graduate School of Social Sciences.

MEF University, with its international academic and administrative structure, dynamic and accessible management approach and the innovative, environmentalist stance it embodies in its physical infrastructure, will continue its endeavors towards being a university that responds to the needs of our time, and one that presents its students a diploma that is relevant and respected throughout the world.

Faculties, Departments and Graduate Schools at MEF University:

Faculty of Education

  • Elementary Mathematics Teaching
  • English Language Teaching
  • Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Faculty of Law

  • Law

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • Political Science and International Relations

Faculty of Engineering

  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical-Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • Interior Design
  • Architecture

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

  • Smart Buildings and Sustainable Systems Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Information Technologies Master’s Program (Thesis) (English)
  • Information Technologies Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (English)
  • Big Data Analytics Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (English)
  • Construction Project Management Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Architectural Design Master’s Program (Thesis) (English)
  • Supply Chain Management Master’s Program (Thesis) (English)
  • Supply Chain Management Master’s  Program (Non-thesis) (English)

Graduate School of Social Sciences

  • Private Law Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Private Law Master’s Program (Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Public Law Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Public Law Master’s Program (Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Human Rights Law Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Human Rights Law Master’s Program (Thesis) (Turkish)
  • International Security and Strategy Studies Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • International Security and Strategy Studies Master’s Program (Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Economy and Finance Master’s Program (Thesis) (English)
  • Economy and Finance Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (English)
  • Economy and Finance Master’s Program (Thesis) (Turkish)
  • Economy and Finance Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Business Administration Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (English)
  • Business Administration Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (Turkish)
  • Learning Sciences Master’s Program (Non-thesis) (English)
  • Learning Sciences Graduate Master’s (Non-thesis) (Turkish)

Global Pioneering Acts by MEF University in Higher Education:

MEF University is the first university in the world to apply Flipped Learning in all of its programs.

MEF University has shared its experiences regarding Flipped Learning in many higher education assemblies throughout the world, notably the American Council on Education attended by presidents, vice chancellors and rectors, and continues to do so. In 2016, the British publishing house, Emerald, published a book on MEF University's experiences, titled The Flipped Approach to Higher Education: Designing Universities for Today's Knowledge Economies and Societies.

We are now regularly receiving many visitors interested in our innovative approach from countries that include the USA, India, Russia, China, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. Furthermore, our university is receiving many invitations from around the world.

In addition, MEF University has collaborated with two global publishers to introduce “Adaptive Learning Platforms” at MEF. Adaptive learning utilizes artificial intelligence, which uses algorithms to create a personal learning environment that adapts itself to each student's needs. 

Furthermore, in February 2018, the US-based Flipped Learning Global Initiative published a news report announcing the release the Flipped Learning Global Standards; standards that had been determined by 100 Flipped Learning practitioners from 49 countries in the world’s most respected universities. The report specifically mentioned representatives from Harvard, Stanford and MEF Universities as pioneers in this project. 

Following this, in the May 2018 issue of the Flipped Learning 3.0 Review Magazine, an international magazine published in the US, the second ever issue of the publication, Rector of MEF University, Prof. Dr. Muhammed Şahin, was featured on the cover. Then, in the third issue, Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban, the director of the MEF Center for Research and Best Practices in Learning and Teaching was also featured.

Later in 2018, due to the Flipped Learning approach that it implements, MEF University was the only university from Turkey invited to join the Cooperative E-learning Platform for Higher Education in Industrial Innovation (CEPHEI) project spearheaded by Finland with the involvement of the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and China as part of the Europe Erasmus+ Program. 

By November 2018, the Flipped Learning Active Learning Standards International launch, headed by the US- based Flipped Learning Global Initiative, took place at MEF University. During this event, MEF University was awarded the “2018 International Flipped Learning Award” by the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences.

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