Overview of the Holding

The foundation of Arıkanlı Holding dates back to the establishment of MEF Preparatory Schools in 1972. Arıkanlı Holding was established in 1996 when all the affiliate companies in operation were joined together under one umbrella to achieve "strategic synergy and coordination."

Today, having achieved major success in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Media
  • Industry and Construction
  • Organic Agriculture,

Arıkanlı Holding is known and recognized for its "firsts".

Companies founded by Arıkanlı Holding have taken their place among Turkey's most established and thriving enterprises. The Holding’s flagships are companies such as MEF Educational Institutions and Yurtiçi Kargo, the names of which are brands in their own right.

MEF Educational Institutions, with more than 200 000 students graduating under the MEF brand over the past 40 years, have further extended their expertise in the field of education with the establishment of MEF University. MEF University opened for teaching in the academic year of 2014-2015 on its campus in Maslak, the commercial hub of Istanbul. MEF University is pursuing its aim of being a key center of knowledge, bringing innovation into higher education with its New University Model: Flipped, Adaptive, Digital and Active Learning.

Arıkanlı Holding adheres to the principle of growth through constant improvement. It believes that growth and development can only be achieved through quality, and therefore holds quality above everything else in every sector it serves.

As the prerequisite for economic and social advancement, since its establishment, Arıkanlı Holding has always been guided by a belief in global free trade and competition as well as to adherence to the law and to the code of ethics. Within this framework, Arıkanlı Holding has emphasized modern management and administrative methods based on productivity and profitability. With this understanding, it continues to grow with new companies it is establishing at home and abroad.

For years, in line with its corporate mission, Arıkanlı Holding has brought to life many social responsibility projects and continues to support projects that are beneficial to the community.

These social responsibililty projects include:

Building libraries, laboratories, design studios, conference halls and sports facilities for elementary schools in Istanbul.

  • Building libraries, laboratories, design studios, conference halls and sports facilities for elementary schools in Istanbul.
  • MEF students representing Turkey in the European Youth Parliament.
  • Companies in the holding setting funds aside in their budgets for non-refundable grants for philanthropic organizations, such as LÖSEV (the Foundation for Children with Leukemia), the Elementary Schools Support Foundation, the Turkish Spinal Cord Stroke Victims Association, and the Community Volunteers Association.
  • Organisation of the annual MEF Research Project Competition for national and international high school students.